Am Pro Movers want to share a few tips “Movers and Packers”. For those want to know why must hiring the “Proffesional Movers” ???? its too costing !! higher budget, over budget and blaa..blaaa… bla…. . So, Movers and Packers Ampang want to share and make a new experience to those imagine “why why and why must hiring the proffesional movers”

1. Less Chance You’ll Be Injured

If you don’t have the manpower for the heavylifting involved, then you have a huge problem. Not only could you damage your precious belongings, you might also injure yourself in the process. It’s not a pretty picture. Moving big and heavy things like sofas, beds, and other furnitures is tough and

tiring. It requires many people to do the work, and it requires people who know what they’re doing to do the work well. Don’t forget, when you’re moving out of one place, you’re also moving into another place. So, the moving and the heavylifting are done twice! Am Pro Movers explains, “Hiring professional movers and packers eliminate the potential of injuries.”

2. Invite Your Friends and Family as Party Guests, not as Cheap Labour
“No matter how much they say they will help, friends and family members hate helping you move because it’s tiring and stressful,” Organize a nice farewell party and invite them over for a good time. Don’t bother them (and yourself) with backpains. Let the professional movers and packers do the sweating. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy some quality time with your friends and family.

3. Free Up Your Time for Other Important Moving Day Issues
Professional movers and packers only have one goal in mind: to make your house or office moving as stress-free as possible. They want to take everything off your hands; from packing, to loading, to delivering, to unloading, and even to rearranging your things at your new place! In other words, hiring professional movers and packers to do the job for you leaves your mind free to focus on others important things. Knowing that trained professionals are on top of things will eliminate the stress associated with moving. “Moving and packing everything yourself will take you a lot more time, “Having professional movers and packers come in and do it for you with the right truck, the right hand tools, and the right resources gets the job done quicker.”

4. Professional Movers Have All the Right Equipments
What is worse than having to move your huge bed down five flights of stairs? Not having the right screwdriver in the right size to dismantle that thing. Now what? Using the corner of your credit card to turn the screws? “Professional movers and packers will size the contents of your home and have the right sized truck and other hand tools ready to move all your belongings, “Oftentimes, people who do house or office moving themselves will rent a smaller truck requiring more trips, and they forget about various hand tools and other things that make it much easier to move.”

5. You are Protected with Insurance
Professional movers and packers are required by law to offer basic insurance coverage to their customers. So when you hire movers and packers, your belongings are covered in case of damage or loss. Note, however, that basic protection is not the same as the full replacement value. So don’t bet your money on getting the full value of your items. But still, that’s better than not getting anything when you break your stuff while you move, right? Plus, you eliminate the risk of being held liable for accidents during moving house time. “I’ll take the full insurance, please, and I’ll totally understand if some of my out-ofdate appliances drop on the floor until they’re unrecognizable,” Mr. Jerry confesses.

6. It Can Potentially Save You Money in the Long Run
“Despite the initial price tag on a professional move, you could end up saving yourself time and money — yes, money — when you hire professionals,” says Mr.
Syawil Idham, Director of AM PRO MOVERS, professional movers and packers in KL and Selangor. “Oftentimes we underestimate the costs of moving on our own: the rush that can result in breakage, injury, or loss of items; the refreshments and dinner for friendly helpers; the time this job carves out of your day. We forget about all the tools and equipments that are needed, how much gas for a moving truck costs, and most importantly, whether or not we are insured if something goes wrong.” So think beyond the price tag. Perhaps hiring a “lori sewa” is cheaper, but if you calculate all the overheads, the time, the energy, and the risks, you are actually paying more.

7. It’s Reliable
One of the most important benefits of hiring professional movers and packers is that they are reliable. You can have peace of mind knowing that your truck and moving
crew will arrive on time and get you to your destination on time. When you depend on family and friends, you need to work around their schedule and even postpone your move to when they are available. The worst thing that can happen is if they cancel at the last minute due to emergencies. When you hire professional movers and packers, you are assured that your belongings will be taken quickly and safely to your new location when you want them to. Isn’t that you want in the end?