Moving your house is a big task. You need to pack and prepare all of your sensitive belongings before packing.

•    Moving your house is a big task. You need to pack and prepare all of your sensitive belongings before packing.  
•    Your antique furniture pieces and other bulky and heavy items may require special attention.  
•    It may seems easy to pack and move kitchen appliances for the move.  
•    However, each piece may require your special attention.  
•    Use our tips to pack your entire kitchen and your home with ease. 


How to prepare for packing kitchen appliances 

    You should make time and prepare in advance when you need to pack and move kitchen appliances. Preparation is the key when moving your kitchen        items.  
    Even when hiring professional moving service to help you pack and move kitchen appliances, they may not be able to finish packing in time unless            you prepare everything first.  
    If you never pre packed your kitchen appliances, your movers may have to wait to packed your appliances until dry. 
    In case, you don’t take all the necessary steps to prepare everything and before packing, you may cause damage.  
    On the other hand, you may delay your movers on a moving day.  


Empty your fridge before you clean it, defrost it and pack it for the move 

    If you packed your kitchen appliances before a week, it will be easier when moving house. 
    You should create a schedule for spending frozen foods you store in your freezer.  
    Not to mention fresh products you use every day.  
    Consider that you shouldn’t have any left-over foods in your fridge and freezer two days before the moving day.  
    You may store only items you can use instantly and empty the fridge quickly.  

    To prepare like a professional, you should consider emptying your fridge and freezer a few days before the moving day.  
    Unplug the electricity source and let them defrost naturally. Make sure not to rush the process or try defrosting your fridge or freezer by force.  
    You can easily cause damage to the inside surface and make a small hole.  
    You may not notice it, but you will still need to pay a substantial amount of money on repairs. After your appliances defrost on their own, consider              cleaning your fridge.