There are many reasons why a person moves from the location of the old house to the new house.

There are many reasons why a person moves from the location of the old house to the new house. This relocation not only involves individuals but also companies that transfer goods from one location to another location that binds contracts and so on.   

1.    Need more space  

First time home buyers positioning themselves on the property ladder often outgrow their starter home and need to upsize to a larger house with plans to start a family. 

2.    Upgrade  

Deciding whether to improve your property or move house entirely can be difficult. Becoming restless at home is a common problem, with many people getting itchy feet to upgrade to a bigger, more desirable home.  

3.    New job      

A new job can mean relocating to a different area if the commuting distance is simply too long or travelling from your current home to your new job is completely unfeasible.  

4.    Relationships  

Choosing to move in with a partner is typically a significant stage in any relationship and is one of the main reasons people relocate. It can often mean that one will need to sell their house if both owned homes prior to the decision.  

On the other hand, break ups can also result in moving house, as one person’s income may not be able to support the price of the home or one individual may need to buy the other out.  

5.    Visit family more often  

For many people, living closer to their family is very important and can be one of the key reasons people choose to move house.  

As the family unit extends to several generations, parents want to be nearer their children, and grandparents prefer to live nearer their children and grandchildren.  

6.    Catchments area for schools  

More and more people are moving house to catchment areas where their children will be a higher priority for admission to their school of choice.  

Parents who are keen to send their child to a particular school may not fall within the specific catchments area in their current home, meaning many decide to relocate.  

7.    Change of scenery/lifestyle  

Those feeling unsettled in their current home or searching for a fresh start are most likely to uproot and move to a different location.  

Whether you want to move from the bright lights of the city to the peaceful countryside or vice versa, many decide that a change of scenery is the ideal option for them.